Origin Water | Iron & Manganese Removal
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Iron & Manganese Removal

Iron & Manganese Removal From Water

Domestic Iron Removal Systems

Origin Water’s iron removal systems are custom-built in our factory. They are application-specific, water treatment systems for the reduction of iron and manganese in water.

As water chemistry can vary widely from site-to-site, or bore-to-bore, each system is tailored for the individual application. This ensures the correct results and gives the best long-term performance.

The basic philosophy for all Origin Water systems is that they shall be designed and run through our in-house projection software to check for reliable operation and long service life. They should also be fully automatic and designed to require minimal maintenance and minimal user input.

Typical System Design

For many applications, the basic components of an Origin Water Iron Removal System may consist of an Origin Water DMI Filter loaded with DMI-65 media, plus an integrated in-line chlorine dosing system.

Normally configured for continuous regeneration, long-term performance is both consistent and effective. With regular automatic backwash, for sediment and precipitate removal to drain, this typical configuration is an efficient, and effective, approach for reliable removal of high levels of iron and manganese from many source waters.

 What is DMI-65?

DMI-65 is an advanced oxidation water filtration media. Origin Water Iron Removal Systems, using DMI-65, are perfectly suited for the production of filtrate with iron and manganese levels that either comply with Australian drinking water standards, or are reduced to undetectable levels (as required for the particular application).

The DMI-65 media has a high capacity to filter out suspended solids down to 10μm nominal and can be used for mechanical filtration and turbidity reduction in addition to its iron and manganese reduction potential. DMI-65 media can also remove arsenic, aluminium and hydrogen sulphide under certain conditions.

The DMI-65 media is the most sophisticated catalytic reaction media in the world, and is highly efficient in removing iron and manganese. The DMI-65 is also capable of removing other elements from a water supply given the correct conditions.

The DMI-65 is the lowest-cost method of removing iron and manganese from a water supply. Although other processes exist, they are expensive to operate and difficult to maintain.

In a correctly maintained plant, the DMI-65 has a life span of at least 5-8 years before replacement is needed.

To get an idea on how DMI-65 works, it is a catalytic filter media boosting the oxidation capacity of low-cost oxidant such as NaOCl (oxidant is injected before the filter).

Iron and manganese in solution appear in the form of lower valence oxyhydroxides (example, ferrous hydroxide). Higher valence oxyhydroxides (ferric hydroxide, red color) are not soluble in water around neutral pH.

When the water, with iron and manganese in solution, and oxidant reaches the filter bed, the low valence hydroxides oxidise to high valence; insoluble form and precipitated particles are retained in the filter bed.

This process would take place normally in a matter of days to weeks. The catalytic filter media makes this happen in minutes, accelerating the reaction a few hundred times.

The DMI-65 is a similar filtration media to other iron and manganese removal medias, but the DMI-65 does not need to be re-generated with potassium permanganate.

If you have issues with Iron or Manganese in your Water System, contact Origin Water now on 1300 142 466 within Australia or +617 5441 6886 outside of Australia for professional advice and water system solutions that are crystal clear.